Saturday, 15 September 2007

My First Christmas. 1951.


Considering I was only thirteen months old, this
memory is very vivid in my mind still.

My Mum was getting me dressed in the morning
inside this bitterly cold tin hut that was our home.
I was stood by the side of what seemed like a
‘huge’ black cast iron bed with brass bits here
and there, in just my vest, when there was a knock
on our door.

My Dad opened it, and I could see this chap in a
red suit, red hat with white trimmings and a white
beard handing a bright red tin car to him.

The bearded man waved to me and wished me a
Happy Christmas.
(Not that I knew what he meant I don’t suppose).

It’s what happened next that really sets this memory
in solid stone for me. My Mum and Dad proudly
presented me with this car and told me I could get
in it. Of course I was very excited and jumped in as
fast as I could.

THEN…….THE SHOCK!……It’d just come in from
the freezing cold winter air of 1951, and all I had on
was a vest.

I can still feel that COLD on my bum right now.
But how great that at fifty six years old, I can still
remember my very first ‘conscious’ Christmas as if
it was yesterday?

Found out later that it was our next door neighbour at
‘The Huts’ who played Father Christmas that year.
Dear old Ron Darby, now sadly passed over.

Catch you later,


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Jim said...
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Jim said...

I'll definitely be back Pete because you seem to be writing a similar blog to mine... except your grammar is better :-) I like this blog. Drop in and have a look at mine when you have time. It's called Jim's Scratchings and it's at

awannabe said...

It's amazing you can remember from such a young age. Wow!

Pete said...

Thankyou Jim & Awannabe for your comments.
Jim, I tried visiting your blog, it wouldn't load on my computer properly.
(I think you may have too many photo's?)

I'll pop back later, it might be me.


Cels said...

I remember my first "conscious" Christmas too. I was crying my lungs out because my Mom told me Santa took away my feeding bottles and replaced it with a tumbler. When I asked if I could tell Santa to give my bottles back, my mom said he filled it with really hot peppers. Santa redeemed himself by giving me my first Barbie doll. =D